Possible Meet- Saturday, July 30th

Hello parents and swimmers,

We are talking to the coach about rescheduling tomorrows meet for next Saturday, July 30th. I would need to know how many swimmers would be able to come to the meet next Saturday at the normal morning time (8:15am warm up). Please email me ASAP to let me know if you would be able to attend. Thanks


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Meet Canceled- Saturday, July 23rd

Due to a lack of swimmers, the other team has asked that we cancel the meet for this Saturday, July 23rd. We hope to reschedule if we can but this meet on Saturday will be canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Practice Canceled- Thursday, July 14th

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Practice Canceled- Thursday, July 7th

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Tymor @ Stanford Entries

The Tymor entries are now posted on the website tymorswim.com under “Sign Ups and Stats” click on Name or Event.

Please make a list of you child’s event stroke and # to bring to the meet.

Events and Relays are subject to change, please do not leave the meet without notifying the coaches.

Warm up begins at 1:30 (be ready to enter the water at 1:30)


Swimmers stay shade and stay hydrated! 

Thank you.

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Upcoming Meet Sign Up Deadlines

If you have not done so already, please be sure to sign up for this week’s meets. The sign up for the Tymor @ Stanford. (7/6/16) meet will close on Sunday, July 3rd. The sign up for the Beekman @ Tymor (7/9/16) meet will close on Wednesday, July 6th.

If for some reason you do not sign up for any meet by the cutoff date and the sign up is closed online, please email info@tymorswim.com as soon as possible. Likewise, if you ever are unable to attend a meet you signed up for, please contact us via email, even if it is the morning of the meet.

In addition, we need more volunteers to sign up to help with these upcoming meets. Please ensure that you always sign up to volunteer when signing up your swimmers for meets. The volunteer sign ups can be accessed under the “Sign Ups and Stats” section of the website under “Meets” by selecting the “Volunteer” sign up. We thank you in advance for your support.

We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and remember there will be no practice on Monday, July 4th.

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2016 Meet Sign Ups

The meet sign ups for the 2016 season are now online along with an updated roster. Volunteer sign ups are posted for all away meets, as well as our first home meet. Please be sure to complete the volunteer sign ups when you sign your swimmers up for a meet. We thank you in advance for your help in making our meets possible.

To access swimmer and volunteer sign ups for all meets, select “Sign Ups and Stats, Meets and Sign Ups.” You will then see a listing of all meets and be able to pick the applicable swimmer and volunteer sign ups. You will also be able to use this website to verify your sign up at status for any meet at any time.

To sign a swimmer up for a meet, you will need to enter a password. The password for all swimmers is their birthdate in “MMDDYY” format. For example if a swimmer’s birthdate is January 1st, 2000, their password would be 010100. If the birthdate is incorrect in the system or your name is not on the roster, please email us at info@tymorswim.com with your name, birthdate, and gender so that we can update our roster. Some swimmers are missing from the roster because not all paperwork has been forwarded on. Swimmers are required to be on the roster to swim in a meet.

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Monday’s Meeting


For all those who were not able to make Monday’s meeting, here is some important information that you may have missed.

Due to a miss communication with the Town board, the registration forms on the website and given out at the meeting had the incorrect price for registration. The town decided to raise the price of registration for each child on the team. The prices for each swimmer are as follows:

  • Residents- $65
  • Non- Residents-$75

If you registered through the town office directly, this fee was already applied. For those who registered at the meeting or through the tymorswim.com website, the $10 must be given to the office by Tuesday July 5th. You can bring the extra $10 to practice between now and then. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Secondly, there are t-shirt order forms at practice if anyone would still like a t-shirt. They will be at practice till Monday. After Monday, We will close out the order so that we can get the shirts to the swimmers ASAP. If you would like to purchase a shirt by check, Have the check made out to CASH.

If you would like to order the team bathing suit, we will also have the forms at practice. This suit is ordered straight through Metro Swim shop. In order to purchase a suit you must purchase online through the Metro swim company, and they will send the suit to the park in one shipment.

Lastly, at the meeting we discussed how to sign your child up for each swim meet. On the website there will be a meet sign up list for each of the meets. We ask that you sign your child up for each of the meets as soon as you know your schedule. If your child is signed up for a meet, and cant make it, please let Mary or myself know as soon as possible so we can take them out of the meet.

Don’t forget, practice on Friday is in the morning at 8am!

I think I speak for Mary and myself when I say that we have amazing swimmers with great attitudes and dedication on the team this year! The are working really hard to make this season a great one!

See you soon,

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Practice is On for Monday, June 27

Parents and swimmers,

Tonight’s practice will be held! Our meeting will begin at 7pm. As long as we have no thunder and the clarity of the pool is up to standards, the swimmers will swim after the meeting.


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First Practice

Parents and Swimmers,

Tomorrow is our first practice of the season. We are going to have a short meeting at the beginning of practice for some information.

Registration forms along with bathing suit and t shirt order forms will be at practice as well for those who have to fill them out.

Thank you all so much. See you tomorrow at 7pm.


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