Swimmers and parents,

The meet on Saturday went very well and I am so proud of the progress the swimmers have made with their stroke development and their times. I especially appreciate the awesome attitude of all our swimmers after their races. Staying in the water after a race for the rest of the swimmers to finish is a great way to show sportsmanship to the other team. Great work!

We had a really great attendance at Saturdays meet and it really helped the team have some great swims and some really great relays. Just as a reminder, when signing up for the meets, please please please sign the swimmers up as soon as possible. This allows me to give the swimmers their events before the day of the meet so that they can prepare. If you name is not on the signup list on the website, you can simply email shannon@tymorswim.com and i will make sure that the swimmers are entered for the meet. If you do sign up for a meet, the coaches just ask that you try your very best to be there ready to swim and cheer on their team.  With that said, we completely understand that emergency situations do come up that are unavoidable. In addition to this, we ask that if possible, the swimmers try to stay to the end of the meet to do the cheer at the end. If this is not possible, you can let me know ahead of time, barring any emergent situations.

Our next meet will be at Standfordville  Park on Monday July 24th with a 2pm warm up. Please arrive to the park by 1:45pm to leave to time to write down events.

In addition i will be emailing a google doc for the sign ups for the concession stand for the home meet on July 29th.

This season has started off great! keep up all the good work!



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