Jul 24 2017


Swimmers and parents,

The Standfordville coach decided to cancel the meet for today due to the cold weather. There will be no practice tonight. Practice will start back up tomorrow. PLEASE email me or sign up on the website if you are coming to the meet on Wednesday.


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Jul 16 2017


Swimmers and parents,

The meet on Saturday went very well and I am so proud of the progress the swimmers have made with their stroke development and their times. I especially appreciate the awesome attitude of all our swimmers after their races. Staying in the water after a race for the rest of the swimmers to finish is a great way to show sportsmanship to the other team. Great work!

We had a really great attendance at Saturdays meet and it really helped the team have some great swims and some really great relays. Just as a reminder, when signing up for the meets, please please please sign the swimmers up as soon as possible. This allows me to give the swimmers their events before the day of the meet so that they can prepare. If you name is not on the signup list on the website, you can simply email shannon@tymorswim.com and i will make sure that the swimmers are entered for the meet. If you do sign up for a meet, the coaches just ask that you try your very best to be there ready to swim and cheer on their team.  With that said, we completely understand that emergency situations do come up that are unavoidable. In addition to this, we ask that if possible, the swimmers try to stay to the end of the meet to do the cheer at the end. If this is not possible, you can let me know ahead of time, barring any emergent situations.

Our next meet will be at Standfordville  Park on Monday July 24th with a 2pm warm up. Please arrive to the park by 1:45pm to leave to time to write down events.

In addition i will be emailing a google doc for the sign ups for the concession stand for the home meet on July 29th.

This season has started off great! keep up all the good work!



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Jul 14 2017

practice canceled 7/14

Practice will be CANCELED this morning due the weather. I will you you at tomorrows meet. Please arrive at the park at 7:45am. Thanks,


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Jul 05 2017

July 8th sign ups


Just as a reminder, please sign up your child on the website for the July 8th swim meet. EVEN if you can not attend please go to the website and click the “I can not attend option”. This will assure that I will not put your child into the meet.

Also, if you have not picked up a suit that was ordered at the parent meeting, I have them and they can be picked up at practice or during pool hours.



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Jul 01 2017

Meet Sign ups

Parents and swimmers,

The sign ups for each of the meets has been put up on the swim team’s website www.tymorswim.com. In order to sign your child up for the meet, click on you child’s name and enter their birthday into the password column. The sign ups will close the day before each meet but I ask you to sign up your swimmers as soon as possible. The process to make the meet takes about a day to complete so please let us know as soon as you possibly can if you will be able to make a meet or not through this system.

Additionally, the sign ups for volunteering are also on this page. As stated at the team meeting, this is a very volunteer based team and parents are needed to allow the meets to run smoothly. In order to make this happen I ask that each family provide a volunteer at least 3 times throughout the season. If you are unaware of the duties of the volunteer position, there will be a short briefing of each position before the start of each meet.

In addition to volunteers, we will also need donations for our teams bake sale. These will only be at home meets and sign ups for items will be posted at practices the week before the meet. These bake sales are a fundraiser for the team and the proceeds will go to our party at the end of the year. If you have any question you can email me at shannon@tymorswim.com.

In addition to this there will be NO PRACTICE on July 4th. Have a great holiday.




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Jun 10 2017


Good afternoon parents and swimmers,

We are very excited for our 2017 summer swim team season. As a reminder we will be having our mandatory parents and swimmers meeting this Tuesday at 6pm in the senior room at Tymor Park. There will be a suit fitting at this time. This year our registration forms are all online at the union vale rec website. The link can be found under the forms tab on the Tymor Swim website.Tee shirt order forms can also be found there as well! If you have any questions or if you will not be able to make the meeting please reach out to me for further information at shannon@tymorswim.com. We have some great new coaches this year who are very excited to start the season off!

If you would no longer like to receive emails from tyro swim team, you may unsubscribe at anytime.

Thank You,

Coach Shannon

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May 19 2017

2017 Season and Registration Info

Parents and swimmers,

We are excited for another great summer here at Tymor.

New this year we have an online registration system. The link is provided under the registration tab. There is also a T-Shirt order form under the Forms tab as well. We will be having a mandatory parents meeting on TUESDAY, June 13th at 6pm in the senior room at the park. At this meeting, there will also be a suit sizing for the team suit. It is important that we have a large attendance at this meeting because we will be going over some new team procedures.

Practice times and a meet schedule will be posted shortly! Can’t wait for another amazing summer!



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Aug 11 2016

2016 Slideshow Download

The slideshow from our awards dinner is now available under the “Photos” section of our website for streaming and download as a video file or DVD. This slideshow is password protected. For the password to access the slideshows, please email us at info@tymorswim.com.

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Aug 04 2016

2016 Awards Dinner

Dear Parents and swimmers,

We have had a wonderful season so far and we always like to end it with a good time. We will be having our annual awards dinner on Wednesday August 10th at 6pm.

For this dinner, we ask that each family sign up to bring an item. There is a sign up on the website. We will be cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.

At the dinner, we will be able to swim in the pool and we will receive awards from this amazing season. We are also planning on doing something slightly different this year. During the dinner, we will be having a parent/ coaches swim meet. The parents and the coaches will swim while the swimmers will use the stopwatches to time. We need parents to swim with us during this mini meet so we how that you will be willing to swim with us. ( Don’t worry, it does NOT have to be pretty).

Please RSVP as soon as possible to let us know if you are coming and if any of the parents would like to swim in the mini meet. Email Shannon ASAP with a response.

Thanks again


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Aug 01 2016

Practice Canceled- Monday, August 1st

See you tomorrow.


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