Jun 30

Practice Cancelled- Tuesday, June 30th

Jun 29

Meet Sign Ups Reminder

To sign a swimmer up for a meet, look under “Sign Ups, Swimmer Sign Ups” on our website, tymorswim.com. Please also keep in mind that we will need the support of many volunteers to make our meets happen. We will let you know when the volunteer sign ups are available. We thank you in advance for your support.

Jun 14

Upcoming 2015 Season

We are very excited to start up a new season again. Our informational sign up meeting will be June 25 at 6:00pm. Our first practice will be on Monday, June 29th. This season, all practices will be held from 7:00pm-8:15pm Monday-Friday.

Aug 27

2014 Slideshow Access

Thank you all for making our end of season party a success! We hope you all had a great time and all of the coaches thank you all for your thoughtful gifts.

The 2014 slideshow is now available on the “Photos” section of our website in streaming, video download, and DVD formats. The area is password protected. Please email brian@tymorswim.com for the password.

Aug 20

End of Season Party 2014 Details

Our end of season dinner will take place on Sunday, August 24th at 4:00pm. Swimmers should bring their bathing suits to enjoy some free swim time in the pool before enjoying dinner and awards.

There is now a volunteer sign up available on the website for parents to sign up to bring side dishes to the event. We appreciate your support in advance.

Aug 13

Save the Date: End of Season Dinner

Our end of season dinner will take place on Sunday, August 24th at 4:00pm. We will send out more details shortly.

Aug 09

Championship Meet Entries

The championship meet entries are now posted online on the “Stats” section of the website. See you all at 8:00am.

Psych sheets are posted on the Meet Mobile app and at http://tymorswim.com/meetresults/2014/championships/.

Aug 05

Championship Volunteer Sign Ups

Our Championships volunteer sign ups are now on our website under “Sign Ups, Volunteer Sign Ups”. Please sign up to do a job at the meet and bring food for our concession stand. We thank you in advance for your support.

If you have any food items leftover from the last meet, please sign up for them so we do not have any extras.

If you have any difficulty signing up, please send us an email letting us know what you would be able to bring and do.

Aug 04

Championship Swimmers

The following swimmer’s have successfully signed up for the championship meet on Saturday, August 9th. If there are any issues, please email us ASAP so we can fix them.

Roman Andruk               M  13
Adhrit Banerjee            M  11
Micah Beaudoin             F   6
Noah Beaudoin              M   8
Nicole Bull                F  16
Riley Cargain              F   8
Sophie Cargain             F  10
Emily Carrie               F  14
Campbell Clark             F   8
Kevin Desnoyers            M  13
Thomas Desnoyers           M  13
Christopher Faughnan       M  10
Michael Faughnan           M  12
Patrick Faughnan           M   7
Sarah Freiburger           F  10
Sean Freiburger            M  12
Jonathan Gaughan           M  14
Chris Grunbok              M  15
Hannah Harley              F   6
Jadon Harley               M   9
Addison Leigh              M  16
Amanda Luzzi               F  14
Matt Luzzi                 M  11
Ryan Majumdar              M   7
Hazel Mangelsdorf          F   8
Laurel Mangelsdorf         F  13
Caileigh Martyn            F   9
Angela McDevitt            F  13
Bobby McDevitt             M  11
Chloe Milholm              F  10
Kaylee Milholm             F   9
Emily Oakley               F   9
Darienne Panarello         F   8
Dominic Panarello          M  11
Sydney Petrik              F  10
Julia Russo                F   9
Mikayla Russo              F  11
Connor Ryan                M  11
Sean Ryan                  M  13
Nicolas Salazar            M  11
Brian Skeels               M  12
Spencer Skidell            M   7
Zoe Skidell                F   9
Abby Smith                 F   8
Andrew Torri               M  13
Christian Torri            M  15
Daniel Torri               M  11
Michael Turenchalk         M  11
Juliana Van Curen          F   8
Eric Waters                M  12
Catherine Wells            F  13
Emma Wells                 F  11
Vincent Wells              M  17

Aug 01

Red Wing @ Tymor Meet Entries

Entries for the Red Wing @ Tymor meet are now available on the “Stats” section of the website. Psych sheets with both teams’ entries are available via the live results page and the Meet Mobile app.

The live results page can be found at http://tymorswim.com/meetresults/2014/redwing/ and is also accessible through the “Meet Results” under the “Stats” section of the website.

The Meet Mobile app is available for iOS and Android phones. To find the meet in the app, search Tymor.

Results will be posted to both places throughout the meet, internet connection permitting.

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